Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Those Little Victories

On our way home today, Beth and I decided to stop and get flowers.

It's little things like that that make us nervous, but we've been trying to dive into discomfort since we've been here.  We've been going to restaurants where we don't know a single thing that's on the menu, gone shopping at different little stores where we didn't know what to expect, and so on.  But even something simple like buying flowers can be nervewracking.

This is the very flowership we went to (thanks for the photo Meredith! :-D):


The woman inside (Tanya), was incredibly friendly and outgoing from the offset.  We had to stop her to let her know that we only spoke a little Russian, but it didn't phase or bother her at all.  She was helpful and tried to assist us in understanding words we didn't know.

From now on we're going to try to buy flowers here at least every week or so.  We look forward to getting to know her more as our Russian progresses.


Soon we'll post about what all we've been up to!  Tomorrow a friend of Beth's will be coming over to cook and show Beth different Russian dishes.  Her name is Tanya and while Beth was here back in 2006 they developed a great relationship with each other.  When Tanya saw us at English Cafe over a week ago she was shocked and excited to see us back.  We look forward to catching up with her!

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  1. Hey cool!! I like the idea of buying flowers weekly. I wish Americans did that more often.