Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day of Perogies!

About a week ago (last Wednesday), our language teacher Valentina began bringing lunch over to show us how to make Russian dishes.  The first day she did this she brought ingredients for perogies!  Perogies are basically vegetables in fresh dough and baked.  For this particular perogie Valentina used onions and cabbage.

Beth and Valentina

Working on the dough (I must say, because of this experience I now want to learn how to flip pizza dough)

The finished product!

That same evening we had invited a friend of Beth's over to show us how to cook some traditional Russian dishes.  Beth's friend Tanya (and her friend Vera) came over, excited to show us how to make-- you guessed it-- perogies!

Tanya chopping the vegetables

Our friend Charlotte also stopped by to say hi!





The final product!

By the end of the day our fridge was stuffed with leftover (but delicious) perogies!

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