Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stolen Wallet!

I'm completely embarrassed to say, but someone stole my wallet today.  I can't believe it.  The worst part about it all (something I wasn't going to tell you guys) is that I wasn't even pick-pocketed.  I'm not especially worried about that kind of thing, but it just makes sense to be aware and careful with you're belongings.  I've got a murse (man-purse, but it's really common here in Moscow) where I keep all my important documents, and it's on me at all times. 

But whoever took my wallet didn't take it from my murse, or from my body.  I LEFT IT ON THE FOOD COURT TABLE WHERE WE WERE EATING.  I just walked away without it, only remembering about five minutes after walking away.  It was already gone.

On the plus side, the whole reason I took my wallet out was to give Beth money to go shopping-- I only had a couple thousand rubles in there (60-ish bucks).  The downside was the credit/debit cards.

Beth and I ran home as quickly as we could to report them stolen, and when we got home our internet wasn't working.  I have no idea why.  So we called Beth's parents to see if they could make the calls from America.  Fortunately (thank you Barbara and Bob!) we were able to put all cards on hold or cancelled.  And thankfully after about 20 minutes or so our internet was magically back on so we could finish things up.

Thankfully it looks like nothing was really damaged except my pride.  We don't think any of our cards were used (or if they were we were able to report them fast enough).  We'll see in the coming days how easy or difficult it will be to pick back up with our finances.

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