Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our (very brief) Autumn

This year we have really tried to treasure the Fall season.

In Moscow, it doesn't last very long.  A month.  If that.

This past weekend we grabbed our friend Andrea and hurried to the center of Moscow as fast as we could.  We made it in time to get some pictures at a nearby garden and Red Square.

It's already begun snowing in Moscow (although only in brief moments, here and there and then gone), and the temperature has been hovering in the 30s and 40s.  There are many things I'm going to miss about the Summer (other than the insane heat and smoke).   I'm going to miss the walks through overcrowded parks, with nearly every Muscovite trying to take advantage of the incredible weather.  I'm going to miss the produce stands on every street corner and in every neighborhood (I think for the entire Summer our dessert was simply strawberries and vanilla ice cream). 

Not to sound pathetic, but I'm going to miss the sun.  I'm going to miss the get-togethers that involve simply walking around the city for hours. 

While I am actually looking forward to snow and Winter, there is nothing like a Summer in Moscow.

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