Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leaving Town

Sorry for the brevity.  We just wanted to give you guys a little update on this past week.

Beth and I have been away at an English Camp this week, giving us little ability to be in touch with anyone (phone, e-mail, Facebook, etc.).  Just a couple days ago we did start receiving texts and phone calls (when we actually had reception) about the conditions in Moscow worsening, and people recommending that we leave the city for the time being.  The heat wave has continued, but the smoke from forest fires around Moscow are just worsening.  The last few days have been particularly bad.

So for the last day or so we began thinking about what to do once we returned to Moscow.  Today was the last day of camp, and on our way into Moscow we decided to try to find train tickets to somewhere else in the country (because of Liam's lack of documents, we cannot leave Russia).  We have found tickets tonight for St. Petersburg, and will stay there for at least a few days until the smoke (and hopefully heat) subsides.

While we are unsure of what we would do were it just Beth and I, we are too afraid to leave Liam in this smoke any longer.  It's mostly for his health that we are leaving.  It has become incredibly difficult to breathe while outside, and in our apartment has remained incredibly hot.

Here are a couple news articles that we've seen giving some of the best info on the problem in Moscow to date (thanks Andrea!).

Once we have internet access in St. Pete we will try to keep you updated.  We had an incredible week out at camp and can't wait to share all that has happened in August so far.

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