Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bevens' Last Day

This past Tuesday our friends Eddie and Lisa Bevens returned to the U.S. after nearly two weeks of non-stop sightseeing all around Moscow.  Over the span of 12 days we wore them out and got them sunburned (who would have thought that could happen in Russia??), but we had a blast while doing it.  Most days comprised of heading out around lunchtime to visit different spots around Moscow, getting home around dinnertime and collapsing with a bowl of ice-cream and strawberries (we REALLY take advantage of the fruit produce during the Summer.... you'll find strawberries or raspberries in our refrigerator at ALL times).

I may try to post pictures of the entire week, but I wanted to at least touch on one of the days we spent out on the town.  On their last day we took them to Новодевичий Монастырь (Novodevichy Monastery) -- the third most popular tourist spot in Moscow, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and ironically, a place I had never heard of.  How sad is that??

Beautiful domed cathedrals.

A wall where prayers are written.  I noticed one large inscription in particular, praying for an apartment in Moscow.

View from across the pond.

After our trip to the convent, we met up with Vasya and Masha and we went to a new (and first authentic) Mexican restaurant in Moscow, "Amigo Miguel."  Vasya's girlfriend Vika is a personal assistant/translator for the head chef Alfredo.  The food was INCREDIBLE.


  1. Such good times!! Miss yall!

  2. it looks like you guys had a great visit!

  3. great pictures! I hope to meet baby Liam someday too. :)