Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Kids Club

Yesterday, May 25, was  Последний звонок (Last Bell) in Russia-- the last day of school.

Last Wednesday was our last Kids Club for the semester.  Because of this we spent the entire time reviewing songs we had practiced and sang over the semester.  Every Wednesday we would spend an hour each afternoon teaching 10-18 six and seven year old's simple English words and phrases-- colors, foods, animals, and so on.  We would teach songs or games, anything that was fun and would help children remember the vocabulary.

We will miss seeing and teaching these children!

Reviewing the motions of "Hokey Pokey"

I don't remember what she was asking me--

Trying to get everyone organized for the songs

This looks completely posed but I promise I didn't know she was taking a picture.  Timofei was leading us in a song.

Singing the Hokey Pokey

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