Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alpha Course Weekend Away - Spring '10

A few weeks ago we took our Alpha Course out to the dacha for a weekend!  Other Gail, Andrea, Thomas, Mary-Louise, and Bob all came for three days of relaxation and worship.   Friends of Gail graciously allowed us to stay at their dacha for the weekend--only around 60 kilometers south of Moscow.

Thomas marveling the fireplace and fire he created.

We spent a lot of our time reading during the weekend.

We also spent some time walking through the woods.

We also got a little lost....  but Thomas is a master tracker.

The dacha we stayed (it was incredible!)



Mary Louise!

Speaking of Mary Louise, she led worship for the weekend.

Bob!  He was the guest speaker for the weekend.

The neighborhood

Trying to hitch a ride back to Moscow!

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