Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Away

For the past month and a half, I've been helping out with an Alpha Course meeting held every Thursday evening.  Despite it's apparent popularity, I had never heard of the course before agreeing to help with it.  I was a little nervous about what I was getting into, but things have been going really well.

The course itself is basically an introduction to Christianity.  Every week we begin with dinner, watch a video on the particular topic, and discuss.  We have 3-4 pretty regular attendees, but more importantly I think the group itself has grown pretty close together (something that was desired), and I believe everyone is comfortable sharing and asking anything and everything.  I have to say I'm not completely on board with everything that's discussed in the course and how it's presented (which is no big deal but I won't go into great detail here), but I do appreciate many aspects of the course.

Anyways, so myself along with two other leaders, two pastors here in Russia, and three Russian friends all went out to a dacha for the weekend.  It was a time of relaxation, lots of tea, delicious food, and great discussions.  We had several sessions during the weekend discussing the Holy Spirit and it's role in the Christian's life.  All three of our Russian friends, Aigoul', Katya, and Gregory, were greatly interested in the topics we discussed.

Please keep this Alpha Course in your prayers as we still have at least a few more weeks discussing different topics.  I am excited about the great friendships that have been made and look forward to the remaining evenings!

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