Friday, June 19, 2009

It's All Greek To Me

We've had quite a busy past week or so.  It feels like there's always been a ton of things going on.

On top of that, Beth was a little under the weather over the weekend, but she's doing so much better right now.

Despite Beth being sick on Sunday I made it to our home church, which went really well.  A friend of Anatoly and Natasha came, Angelina, as well as a neighbor of the Stameys, Irina.  The discussions were great.

We also had a team meeting on Wednesday at the Stameys.  It's always great to meet up with everyone else that we don't see that often (language study will do that to you).  We all brought some food and just caught up on all that we've been doing over the last month.

The big news right now around our team (and other teams in Central and Eastern Europe) is our annual conference being held this year in Athens, Greece.  It still hasn't hit us, but we are really looking forward to it.  We'll try to be more current about what's going on.

But before our departure on Sunday, we're incredibly excited about spending a day with some of our friends from training in Virginia.  Ross and Dena are going to be spending a day in Moscow with us.  We can't wait!

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