Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're Finally Here!

Well, just a couple days ago we made it to Richmond! After weeks of packing and moving things, we were finally able and ready to go!

Here's what a couple of our upstairs rooms looked like after all the packing:

This is our bedroom and the moment I knew that we were actually moving.

Everything we were going to take to Richmond.

And this is our "storage room."  Everything we're keeping in the states.  I don't feel that this picture adequately displays the vast amount of stuff in this room.
So now here we are in Richmond (or Rockville, to be exact).  For the next eight weeks we are going to go through massive amounts of training.  There are some awesome people here and I'm very excited about it all.
And here are some pictures of a snow we just had yesterday-- TAKE THAT MEREDITH!!

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  1. hahahhahahhha, your snow is PATHETIC! we got at least 3 inches last to be posted soon, my friend...