Saturday, September 25, 2010

What an Ugly Baby-- continued...

Last Monday, Beth and I attended a discussion group held by our friend Andrea.  Before the group met we all had dinner together and was joined by Andrea's roommate, Lena.

Somehow we got to the subject of our recent blog post detailing various Russian superstitions when it came to infants, and Lena had a personal example.  She has a niece who is a few years old now.  Years ago when her niece was born and Lena was finally able to see her in person, she was beyond excited.  The whole time Lena was with the child she was complimenting her -- "She's so beautiful, she's adorable!"

A couple days later she met again with her family to see her niece, but Lena's relatives told her that she would not be able to see her niece for at least another year.  After seeing Lena, the child could not sleep that night, and according to the family it was because Lena complimented her so much.

Needless to say Lena was heartbroken.

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