Friday, January 8, 2010

Petrozavodsk: Day 3 - The Search

С Рождеством! Merry Christmas!

Today was a rather adventurous day for both Marc and myself.  Marc was able to grab a spot on a helicopter taking people out to Kizhi Island and got great information and footage of some beautiful Orthodox architecture.  While he was on the tour, it was my personal mission to find a particular church here that we're trying to connect with.

Marc and I had been given both an address and a number to a pastor and church here in Petrozavodsk.  Unfortunately the number didn't work out, so it was my job to find this elusive church.  After scouring our map we were able to locate the church.  I decided to head out in the morning on foot.  It was much further than I thought, but found it.  The church was a mile or so outside of the main city, where apartment complexes and grocery stores are nowhere to be found.  It was a complete change of scenery where small cottages were in abundance.  And there among the wooden fences and water pumps, was the light blue cottage of a church--it didn't stand out or look any different from what I had seen on that particular street.  Here are some photos of the walk there--you'll notice the distinct change:

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