Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Phrases we MUST learn

We had another great week teaching the 6-7 year old class at school.  We played some games ("Tim" says, instead of Simon says, "I Spy," but we renamed it "Show Me," and so on).  This week we may introduce the alphabet.

However upon our second week, we realized that there were some key phrases we needed to learn to be more effective in the class.  Most of these are simple phrases, which makes us wonder why we don't know them already:

"Don't yell."

"Leave the ladybug alone."

"Push/pull your chairs back/forward."

"Stand in a straight line."

"Don't use your cell phone."  (We actually know how to say this, but are still in complete shock 6 year olds were using them.  More power to them!)

Any ideas of some fun and simple English teaching games?


  1. Hey guys! Just a thought you should print out the Alpahebt and have them jump and say the letters. As they learn more words you can have them jump and say "A is for apple, B is for Ball" if you can bring the objects fore each time to introduce new letters. I did it with my ESL kids and I'm a teacher there is always room for fun. -Ruth Fox (ruthintheank.blogspot.com)

  2. I did mean Alphabet....goodness I can't spell :)

  3. Dodge Ball! Kick Ball! Duck Duck Goose! Mario Kart 64! ...the basics