Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Resuming Language Study!

We got the call on Saturday.

After a month of uncertainty as far as our continued language study goes, we got the call that Beth and I have the opportunity to participate in part-time language study!  This came as a great surprise!  As comfortable as we have become during the month of August not studying Russian, it is very apparent how little we know, and we desire any and every opportunity to study.

Instead of have a tutor teach us individually, Beth and I will be taking classes at Moscow State Universiy's foreign language institute.  The cool thing is the classes are located close enough to our apartment that we can walk there.  We went to register today, and took a test to see which classes we will be joining.

It looks like our classes will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Strangely, as nervous as we are, we really can't wait!

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