Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Week Away....

Well, we have one week--less than a week, really-- before our first language certification exam.  We're pretty nervous.

We're even more nervous after going with a friend and our teacher to sign up for it.  The woman signing us up for it was less than gracious, and told our teacher in front of us that we could not understand the language when she spoke to us and we were going to fail the audio portion of the test.  The ironic thing of course is that Beth and I understood almost everything she said.

The even more depressing thing was instead of supporting us, our teacher told her "Well, the only need to get 50% of the test correct."  Ouch.

In reality we really need to get 75% correct, which we think we can do-- but we don't want to just barely make it.  Selfishly, we want to pass with flying colors-- we want to be "THE Rhodes."  We want to be the ones that people are compared to.  We now want to stick it to the teacher.  Isn't that horrible?

Either way, we have been working constantly on practicing our Russian.  We're hoping it will be enough to get us through.

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